Strategic Project Marketing

Strategic Project Marketing

There is a better way to differentiate new homes in the market place.

Highlighting the desirable liveability features and cost saving benefits from smart design, quality construction and innovative technology will make your project stand out from the competition. We know how to do this well.

For over 10 years we have worked in a niche market, working closely (sometimes in-house) with architects, developers and builders to help deliver and sell sustainable and affordable housing, that buyers want.

We have built a long-standing and trusted relationship with overseas channel agents who choose product from leading projects based on their innovative, high quality, high tech and smart energy efficient design. They see this represents long-term excellent investment and value for their clientele.


OUR Sales and Marketing Strategy Considerations

    • What do buyers actually want - product type research, input into design recommending features that matter and project positioning;
    • Is there an appetite? - demographic and competitor review and analysis;
    • How best to communicate your difference - Strategic marketing and communications of product benefits;
    • Backcasting*- Sales and Marketing Strategy analysis, setting sales targets and clarifying sales setting;
    • Buyer Journey Development -  developing property sales documentation, strata management statements that matter, defining settlement process (FIRB and local), relevant CRM and database development;
    • Collaboration - we break through silos and communicate with development teams to improve transparency with buyer-base and optimise demand. Trust = Sales;
    • Buyer Journey Management - Ongoing sales and marketing team management, on-going CRM review and buyer co-ordination;
    • Post settlement engagement - optimise your brand and project reputation. Spread Good Word-of-Mouth!


* Backcasting is a planning method that starts with defining a desirable future and then works backwards to identify steps that will connect that specified future to the present.