Selling Your Property

Positioning your home in front of the competition

Experience has taught us that finding the right buyer for your home will depend on two main factors - Price $ (getting it right!) + Marketing Exposure (finding the right buyer!).

We understand that you and your home are unique, requiring a personalised approach. Cookie-cutter methods don't work.

We consider the type of buyers your home will attract - where they’re from, what stage of life they’re in. We then know how we are going to reach them. Providing the necessary information to buyers builds transparency and trust - this is something we do well.

The buyer experience is important; their confidence in buying your home will be important leading up to settlement.

Marketing Methods that Work

Traditional marketing methods like print advertising may be more suitable for down-sizers or locals re-locating, where digital online and social marketing typically capture busy, more digital-savvy buyers like 1st home buyers and investors. Considerations such as this can help cast a wider net (bang-for-buck) to find the right buyers who will fall in love with your home.

Often it’s going outside the typical ‘traditional’ real estate marketing approach that achieves the best results. We work with other agents by offering them incentives that work for you. And we don’t limit your home just to our database, we ensure new prospects entering the market have an equal chance of securing your home! This is good for everyone.

More Than Meets The Eye

We are proud Liveability Real Estate Specialists, trained to assess the special features that make your home all that more liveable.

The 17 Things™ is a collection of Liveability Features in a property that includes location, floor plan and layout, key building structure elements, important energy and water saving inclusions, renewables, home energy ratings and more. They were developed by the Centre for Liveability Real Estate in collaboration with the sustainable design, construction and assessment industries and now owned by CSIRO.

In recent research, 89% of consumers said that they would find a home more attractive if these features were identified at point of sale or lease. As a passionate Liveability Real Estate Specialist with future-focused property knowledge and resources, we are best placed to ensure your home is valued for all the right reasons - making it stand out from the competition.

Plus we are keeping true to our values - supporting and encouraging well built, comfortable, healthy, and smart homes for our future.