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BUYER ALERT - Make the best buying decision

It is really important, especially in this rapidly changing property market, that you obtain all the relevant property facts and specifications to make the best buying decision, rather than relying on all the marketing and sales spiel.

It's easy to get lost in the hype!

We help you make a better choice.

We specialise as Buyers Agents. When appointed as your independent buyers agent, we work for & with you, ensuring you get the information you need to make the right decision. Sometimes, many of our buyers don't know exactly what they want, some just know the basics like location & price.

It’s very important to ask yourself the right questions before you start your buying journey.

This Is What We Do For You

BASE CAMP - Know What You Want

  • 1st things 1st -  what 'really' is most important to you. We help you define this clearer through our exclusive CWRE Buyers Questionnaire. There are a bunch of questions you’ve probably never been asked including what trade-off's you'd be prepared to make on price (quality of a home, preferred public school in catchment or larger home on full-sized block, etc) OR  if you are eligible for government grants or other benefits (ie. Family Home Guarantee with 2% deposit or First Home Buyer assistance packages). We wont take you on your journey until this criteria is defined. This is your compass, without it you’ll likely get lost, buy something you’re not proud of or worst, pay too much.

STEP 1 - Search & Co-ordinate

  • Utilise our extensive knowledge, experience and resources to identify properties that meet your budget and other criteria;
  • We liaise directly with the seller or sellers representative (i.e. listing agent) to establish intent and the facts – we ask the right questions;
  • We attend inspections with you or on your behalf and, we report immediately;

STEP 2 – Property Analysis & Buyer Mentoring

  • We work collaboratively to compile a comprehensive report of short-listed properties to determine likely market value;
  • We assess true value using specialised software, identify current and future market trends (real important!), conduct our exclusive Liveability Assessment identifying important features of the best homes & identify any land encumbrances (if any);
  • We provide advice and support to help guide you through the buying journey;

STEP 3 – Negotiate the Contract & Terms

  • We negotiate the purchase price with the seller or sellers agent, set conditions and settlement requirements that work for you;
  • We prepare contractual documentation according to law;

STEP 4 – Post Contract Service

  • Ensure settlement agent is engaged, mortgage broker informed, etc;
  • Liaise with seller representative to ensure each milestone is met (deposit paid/ finance approved, final inspections conducted);
  • Conduct final inspection (with or without you);
  • While working closely with relevant stakeholders, we can monitor the final stages of the purchase through to settlement and handover.


We pride ourselves on making your buying journey a success, resulting in a home & investment to be proud of.

Contact us directly via or call Chiara on 0419 953 079 for a full briefing on how we can help.