Buyers Agent

CWRE as Your Buyers Agent

We help you make a better choice.

We are licensed, independent professionals who specialise in a full service offering including searching, locating, evaluating, reporting and negotiating the purchase of your future property on your behalf.

What makes our service unique is our evaluation of the liveability and 'quality of life' features of the home and its surrounds that benefit you, your family or future tenants.

It’s not always about how much you can buy it for (or how little). We want you to know what you have bought into so that you, your family, or future resident will thrive with your property choice.

We are passionate about better informing you so you make the best decision, based on 'lovability' not just economics.

We can be engaged as your independent agent to act on your behalf. The key difference between a selling agent and buyer’s agent is who they represent. We can not accept commission from both parties in the same transaction. Our fees can be negotiated either as a set fixed fee or as a retainer, so you know your budget.

As your Buyer’s agents, we offer a number of different service options ranging from targeted property research using our CoreLogic/RPData software (ensuring a comprehensive comparative property report), through to auction bidding and negotiating with the other party to achieve the best possible outcome.


NOKK Trusted Advisor

Community West Real Estate is the only trusted affiliate and service provider in Western Australia for referred NOKK clientele - Australia’s pioneering digital two- sided property platform where homeowners and buyers connect.

We help buyers and sellers who need help to close the deal and can offer a consultancy service, to help formalise contracts and help with the settlement process. This is particularly useful for those who are not familiar with property law, property rights and settlement requirements that protect both seller and buyers alike. For more information on NOKK, visit:

Contact us for a full briefing on how we can help you.