Our Story

Our Story

Community West Real Estate is a local family business led by Chiara Pacifici. We help people make better real estate choices.

We Are Different.

We are driven by our passion to help our customers make the right choices when buying or selling their properties.

With over 25 years experience in real estate, we have successfully helped over 200 families, investors and first home buyers find homes in over 50 suburbs throughout Perth. Their success has been based on our ability to research what matters most to them; properly assessing the market (not just 'local area' sales evidence), asking the right questions of all parties concerned and providing transparent and accurate information so that people make informed decisions.

Quality homes that offer real liveability benefits to people and planet matter to us. We are trained CSIRO 'Liveability Specialists'; able to identify and inform you of important quality features within a home that make a big difference to the comfort, health, and on-going affordability of the property you buy. Our industry leading Liveability Assessment Matrix is used to clearly demonstrate these points of difference that matter.

"For buyers, your final property decision must never only be based on the price paid. I help ensure you consider all other aspects of the home and its surrounds so you make the most informed choice". Chiara Pacifici - Licensee & Sales Agent.

Liveability Matters

Buyer Sentiment

Buyers have become very aware of the benefits of sustainability.

"The conversation around quality has shifted from aesthetics and functionality towards performance and liveability"

Our own research compliments industry led research over the last 5 years proving a strong appetite exists in the Perth market for better performing homes.

In fact, recent Australian research figures show people choose these homes over others and are prepared to pay more for it.

Policy Push

Local and State planning policy now demand new buildings meet high performance outcomes by improving efficiency and design features. This ensures homes of the future are comfortable to live in; naturally warm in winter and cooler in summer, offering natural daylight and air movement inside the home.

They are also healthy homes that balance extreme temperature variations by naturally ventilating pollutants, mould and dust build up, as well as chemical off-gassing from furniture, paint and other nasties used in fit-out.

Buyers know these homes are affordable to run and improve their value and saleability - no matter what the season.


Liveability v's Lovability - Your Future Community

Lovability and liveability factors that offer convenience and accessibility to the things that matter most are gaining traction amongst our buyer base as people choose smaller, more affordable housing options in newly designated infill locations.

Our Community West sales team know how important these factors are when helping clients make the best long-term housing choice and we have developed an interactive Liveable Neighbourhood Explorer to help uncover cherished local hotspots and sustainable travel options available in the surrounding area.

Loveable neighbourhoods are always memorable. They make us feel like we belong, and often it’s the social interactions and experiences we have in the parks, cafes or streets that make us want to return.

Price, location and size will always be defining factors for buyers.

Liveability features will ensure the right decision is made based on quality and value for money.