Community West Real Estate offers experienced project marketing and sales skill - based on our innovative collaborative approach.

We offer developers a better way to differentiate their product in the market, highlighting the desirable benefits of design and technology that makes the project a stand out from the competition.

Sales and Marketing

    • Product research and project positioning;
    • Demographic and competitor review and analysis;
    • Strategic marketing and communications of product benefits;
    • Sales and Marketing strategy analysis and setting;
    • Setting sales targets, property sales documentation, settlement process (FIRB and local);
    • Collaboration with design teams to optimise demand;
    • Ongoing sales and marketing team management and co-ordination;
    • Post settlement engagement to optimise brand and project reputation.

Chiara has built long-standing and trusted relationships with overseas channel agents who choose our leading projects based on their innovative, high quality, high tech and smart energy efficient design -  representing long-term excellent investment and value to their clientele.