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Are you looking for a home with reduced running costs and which is healthy, efficient, comfortable and connected to your local community? Well, you’re one of many people driving a new trend in real estate that is impacting the way your house is marketed.

The Liveability Features Framework is an exciting new initiative, backed by CSIRO, Australia’s peak scientific body, which enables upskilled sales agents and property managers to simply and effectively identify and integrate an additional 17 Liveability Features into the point of sale or rent.

They’re called Liveability Features because they offer the potential for reduced running costs and increased comfort if used correctly. Liveability Real Estate Specialists are able to exclusively access the industry-leading PropTech “Liveability Appraisals Checklist” to deliver the additional free Liveability Features Appraisal for home owners and investors.

This Liveability PropTech then automatically generates a personalised Liveability Listing Image for your property, enabling these additional features to be showcased in the marketing of your property.

FREE Liveability Features Appraisal

The free Liveability Features Appraisal is not a rating system. It is a new independent listing standard which contains benchmarks that the home needs to meet for each of the 17 individual property features.

It’s about unlocking the hidden value of your home, promoting any of the Liveability Features of your property in order to achieve a higher price in a shorter time frame.

Do you have any of these Liveability Features in your home? If so, your property may be eligible for the exclusive Liveability Features icon and additional
listing opportunities.

Your Liveability Real Estate Specialist

At Community West Real Estate we focus on how people can thrive by uncovering features within and surrounding the home that enhance quality of life, improve affordability and enhance social connection. These liveability features benefit occupants, and support lifestyle desires of those looking to relocate. That is why we have taken the steps to ensure that we are trained Liveability Real Estate Specialists.

As one of only a handful of agencies nationally with qualified Liveability Real Estate Specialists, we are able to identify and promote up to 17 Liveability Features in your property that offer the potential for reduced running costs and increased comfort when used correctly.

The Liveability Features trademark

The Liveability Features trademark is not an energy rating. It is simply a way to assist prospective buyers, sellers and renters to recognise properties which have Liveability Features that offer the potential for reduced running costs and increased comfort if used correctly by the occupant.

A property needs a minimum of six selected Liveability Features™ to receive the Liveability Features listing image in the photo gallery of a rental or sales listing. Once you have bought or leased your home you can find out more information about how to bring these features to life when living in your home on